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Hardware Stack Until recently I was unaware of anything resembling NotebookOps. Apparently I am not alone in being obsessively focused on the type, organization, and presentation of my notebook. Right down to the interface I chose to regularly interact with it. I have used Mead Composition notebooks and Pilot Precise pens for nearly twenty years. They had been working fine all through high school and beyond, I just never felt the need to change, basically I was lazy.


No one likes to get flooded with email, most times its just annoying, but it can also mask a real problem. If in those 2000 emails is a single email saying the database was just corrupted, you really don’t want to miss it. There are several tools and ways to control email, but unfortunately most MTA’s don’t have a way to set a threshold over time variable. There is no way to say if N emails go out in N minutes stop sending email.


This script can be used to execute a single command or a script that is located on a remote machine. The first argument is a text file containing a list of servers that you wish to execute the command on. The next arguments are for the ssh user/password. You can also hard code these into a file to avoid typing them or for allowing you to execute this script automatically. The only dependency is pexpect and this will run in any Python version > 2.


When monitoring large scale environments, email noise can be a real concern, as can having a single point of failure. When monitoring services such as ntp where the check is the same on many hosts and has the ability to fail across many or all of them at once, notifications can pile up quickly. Even if this is not a concern, it’s simply not necessary to alert on the same failure across all monitored machines.


OpenConnect is a great alternative to Cisco’s AnyConnect client and is completely cross platform and very easy to setup and configure. Install Macports sudo port install openconnect Install TunTap Install a vpnc-script to ensure proper dns configuration You can install openconnect from source but the dependency list can be a little scary if you have never done this sort of thing before. Even if you are comfortable building software packages yourself, I wouldn’t do it, it is simply not worth the effort on a virgin 10.





I enjoy coaching and teaching middle and high school children various topics about engineering. Currently I am a volunteer coach of the following programs: