Installing OpenConnect on OSX 10.9 Maverick

OpenConnect is a great alternative to Cisco’s AnyConnect client and is completely cross platform and very easy to setup and configure.

  1. Install Macports
  2. sudo port install openconnect
  3. Install TunTap
  4. Install a vpnc-script to ensure proper dns configuration

You can install openconnect from source but the dependency list can be a little scary if you have never done this sort of thing before. Even if you are comfortable building software packages yourself, I wouldn’t do it, it is simply not worth the effort on a virgin 10.9 install. To use openconnect, open a terminal and type the following command

sudo openconnect -u

User is the user name assigned to you and server is the server you would connect to with the AnyConnect client. Your admin should provide this for you but if you have the ability, start AnyConnect and connect with it, then under the statistics tab you will see a server ip, that is what you are looking for.